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A Little History With John Deere

John Deere was established as a company making implements for

agriculture. The tractors of this company are famous for its
working and are being used all over the world.

The John Deere Company, more familiarly known as John Deere, is
one of the largest and most successful manufacturers of farming
equipment in the world. The color scheme of green and yellow
immediately identifies a John Deere tractor, even if its
trademark design of a leaping deer were not just as identifiable.

The company is famous for its tractors. It manufactures tractors
from 18 HP to 450 Hp in about 13 series . John Deere Tractors
are probably the most popular forms of tractors around today.
Created for all kinds of different uses, not everybody knows
that you can also purchase a tractor for your own residential
use. After all, you tend to associate tractors with agricultural
purposes and lots of farmland and you do not really think that
you could use one in your garden! However it is possible as John
Deere Tractors come in a variety of styles and sizes.

In 1837, the founder of John Deere was a blacksmith in Grand
Detour, Illinois. The farmers in the area were having a great
deal of difficulty in tilling the tough, prairie soil - much of
it sticky clay - with their cast iron plows. Something better
was needed. Deere perfected the self-scouring steel plow
(constructed from highly polished steel and with a a correctly
shaped moldboard). So successful was this new plow that Deere
was able to go into partnership with another businessman in 1843
to speed up production. By 1848 he'd moved his company to the
transportation hub that was Moline, Illinois (located on the
banks of the Mississippi River) and had produced 10,000 plows.

It wasn't until 1868 that the business was named the John Deere
Company. Up until that time Deere had had many partners, but he
always stressed that only quality products would come out of his
company. Deere's son Charles became director of the company and
under his aegis it became even more and more successful.

Author: Paul Archer
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The Big Book of John Deere Tractors

The John Deere company boasts a tremendously rich heritage, going back
to 1837 when Deere, a blacksmith from Illinois, changed the agricultural
landscape by producing a polished, self-scouring plow mad of high-grand steel.

From the trademark Deere green to the distinctive sound of the classic
"Johnny Popper", Deere tractors have built a worldwide following. We've
gathered nearly all the information any John Deere or tractor enthusiast
would ever want to know about this famous tractor maker....

Excerpt taken from back cover:
The Big Book of John Deere Tractors
Voyageur Press, 1999
Text Written by:
Don Macmillan, John Deere Historian